Ketryn Porter


Ketryn is a charmingly brash actress from Baltimore who brings dynamic and diverse characters to life. Her honest, raw nature is perfect for shows like Hawkeye, Midnight Mass, Dopesick or Yellowjackets. She lives for creating complex characters that carve their existence out of stone… but don’t get it twisted! She can make you belly laugh too on a show like What We Do In The Shadows. She’s like a spicy Maggie Gyllenhaal/Tatiana Maslany cocktail with a splash of Krysten Ritter! Bottoms up!

“Ketryn Porter is a great actress, she is understated, but can handle a lot more than you may think… strong yet sweet, honest and very believable. She is made for episodic television or anything she puts her mind too.” – Casting Director Pamela Staton